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Being part of a water park that offers its guests fun and great service is hard work full of rewards. Believe it or not, it is still something a person can enjoy being a part of. I have no doubt that you will enjoy working at Castaway Cove Water Park and that this attitude will be translated into your interactions with the park's guests. A fun - loving attitude and a service-oriented spirit - will help to accomplish this task.

We are here to help you at every turn, whether you are looking for a first job or a change in your career. If you have recently been discharged or are a veteran or a eligible spouse or veteran, we are honored to help you find a job and training. We have employees at Castaway Cove Water Park in Wichita Falls, Texas and at our offices in Austin. Our staff answer all questions about your specific task and work proactively on your behalf with employers who need your skills.

If you are currently in school and are considering whether to take your A-levels, obtain a certificate or enroll in a local technical college or community college, contact your local Labour Solutions Office to find out how we can help you.

To achieve our operational plan and have a successful summer, we need employees who can work multiple shifts, including weekends, to achieve this. We do our best to take life outside work into account when planning. For a schedule of workshops, visit our website, where you can also register for notifications of workshops and recruitment events.

Depending on your shift, you may be able to bring inventory to the back room, unload trucks, carry out club pickup orders, help members by filling shelves or help in other departments. They could be covered for all tasks, such as picking up loose waste, cleaning up after customers and other tasks.

Whatever your situation, the formal training we offer at NCR allows you to give your customers what they need when they need it. If you have access to our training program, you will be given priority if you meet the requirements of the program and the funding is available. They can also access other resources, claim pension and training benefits, access home loans, arrange doctor's appointments, and purchase health insurance. Find information about unemployment benefits in Texas, including how to report your income.

On this page you will find various labour force recovery technologies available to job seekers whose jobs are registered through the services of the labour market centres. This page provides information on how to balance military experience with civilian professions, how to get college credits for your military experience, resources to help you transition to civilian life, tips for employers who hire veterans, and where to find your nearest work center.

Three weeks of work - related training is offered in a dedicated NCR facility and basic knowledge and experience in this area is crucial. Through driver training, you will be placed in a professional driver role and trained by employees to obtain a commercial license (CDL), obtain the appropriate license (s) where available, learn company policies and procedures, and conduct full background checks.

Must be able to obtain and own the necessary certification for the operation of company vehicles and not operate unsafe vehicles. One of the following photo documents will prove your identity: a state issued ID card or other approved document such as a driving license. Under immigration law, workers must present the following documents to prove that they are legally allowed to work in the country.

Make sure the products are selected and staged according to the company's policies and procedures and fill out the Club Pick-up orders to help stage and collect them on the day they are picked up. Complete tasks such as preparing the construction site, installing, repairing, maintaining and repairing water and sewage pipes, replacing pipes, cleaning equipment, retrofitting and cleaning equipment, and changing meters. Assistance in the preparation and installation of sewage and wastewater treatment plants and water treatment plants on construction sites, repair and maintenance of sewer pipes, replacement and replacement of pipes and pipes, maintenance of sewage and wastewater treatment plants, cleaning of appliances, washing machines and equipment changes, meter cleaning and cleaning of shops. Appointments to carry out tasks such as preparation for the construction site, installation and maintenance of sewer pipes, repair and replacement of pipes, replacement and removal of pipes, clean equipment, equipment replacement, cleaning and equipment replacement.

The pool staff is responsible for the cleaning of the pool and the attractions, as well as for the safety of the pools and other facilities. The pool staff is responsible for maintaining the safety, security and cleaning of all pools, attractions and facilities within the complex.

N Discrimination in employment is subject to applicable state and local law, regardless of the location of the company's offices. This policy applies to all aspects of employment, including the recruitment, dismissal, training, promotion and dismissal of employees and the use of all facilities within the complex. It governs the conditions of our employment, including, but not limited to, wages, social benefits, working conditions, working hours, health and safety policies and the employment of employees.