Wichita Falls Texas Events

Welcome to the Acadia Festival, a one-day festival in late April that brings a little Acadian to Wichita Falls. Dance your heart out with the styles of local Western swing bands and dance your hearts out in the heart of the city with live music from local bands.

After the live music, there are shopping in shops and food stalls in the city centre, as well as a variety of food and drink vendors. Enjoy the music and the sights and sounds of downtown Wichita Falls, the city's vibrant arts and entertainment scene.

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The 612 Roosevelt St. Volunteer Tutors offer an academic enrichment focused on reading and math so that students can also receive help. The Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) is a partnership between the City of Wichita Falls and the Texas Department of Public Health and Human Services. This 9-week program will provide family members diagnosed with diabetes with tools to better manage diabetes. Parents can register their children for the program at any time during the school year via the ministry's website or by calling (713) 888-5555.

Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Belle, a beautiful, intelligent young woman who feels out of place in her new home in a castle with her father. When Belle's father is trapped in the mysterious castle, her attempt to save him leads to the discovery of a cruel and frightening monster that has long held his sorceress captive in its cruel form.

Join the hoard as it shuffles through the streets and alleys and let the children romp around in a special playground. Experience the cattle show, see exotic animals and stage shows, experience exciting games and rides, and enjoy carnival food at the Texas and Oklahoma Fair. Stay on the dance floor for live music or experience a unique arena event. Branding your team is a great opportunity to discover the latest sports and entertainment offerings such as basketball, football, baseball, football, basketball and football.

Visitors come from all over the country to participate in this event, and if you join them in this one, you will see why. Watch tomorrow's golf stars from across the nation compete for the first time at three Wichita Falls golf courses and explore the best golf courses in the world. Read on and continue to see the most important annual events in Wichita Falls so you can plan your next trip to captivate this Texas border town.

The Hotter - N - Hell 100 celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2016 and is the largest and most popular beer and wine festival in the country. The consumer fair starts the following Thursday with a beer garden, beer garden, live music, food trucks and more.

Experience the artistic side of Wichita Falls during the After-Hours Art Walk, held every first Thursday of the month in downtown Wichita. Enjoy live music while tasting wine at the event, sipping specialty beers and sipping specialty beers. There is a sit-down dinner, Greek and American live music, food trucks and more.

Get ready for spring with the Kemp Center for the Arts and Wichita County Heritage Society's annual art exhibit. This annual fundraiser celebrates cowboy and western art in aid of the emp Center of the Arts. Join the home community of Thitita County for a day of art, music, food and fun at the Museum of Western Art and Heritage.

Art studios, galleries, restaurants and shops remain open all day, with the main event starting in the evening at Wichita Falls Farmers Market. In addition, the local event calendar is well filled - booked, as we find out especially in the summer months. Here's a look at choosewichitafall.com's city - a broad calendar that runs throughout the fall and beyond.

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