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Welcome to the Acadia Music Festival, a one-day festival in late April that brings a little acadian to Wichita Falls. Dance your heart out to the styles of local western swing bands or dance to the sounds of country, blues, jazz, folk, rock and even country music.

Listen to live music, shop at the shops and food stalls in the city centre and let your children have a good time in the special children's playground. Enjoy the music while enjoying some of the best restaurants and drinks in downtown Wichita Falls, as well as the craftsmen. In addition to live music, there is a variety of food trucks, vendors, artisans, live entertainment and much more.

You can discuss and agree on how long you want the band to play their music, and you can agree that they will either perform for three hours or take a break for the duration. Once the music starts, any band you like or that you engage for your event will play for an agreed period of time and take small breaks as needed. If you want to have a band play for up to 3 hours, you can play as long as you like.

Moreover, the music business has something for everyone, and many of us simply need to find out what really is something. Local bands that can be hired will be happy to discuss how they can provide the best performance for your event. The band or musician you hire can tell you in more detail about how they behave in terms of their music, style of playing, etc.

Please tell us which genre of music you would like to propose for your event and we will help you find the best local bands that are suitable for you. See below for a list of frequently asked questions when booking a band in Wichita Falls, TX. We from the ACE Music Booking Agency find a good band and can tell you if you have the place. Wichita offers TX for rent if it suits your budget, but if not, we can help.

On our purchase page you can find more information about what types of music and movies we have in stock and visit us around the world to buy our selection.

When we take Howl2GO to Wichita Falls, you'll have a real "Howl at the Moon" experience. To attract more people to this event, we are happy to tell our Wichita Falls guests that "howling - at the moon" provides entertainment. For this, one has come up with a whole day long, from a concert to a dance party to a cinema evening.

The Howl2GO team has worked tirelessly to make this event perfect, and ACE will do all the work for free. The production team will deal directly with the Wichita Falls venue and simply create a bespoke event. The following is a summary of the findings: The fact that we are planning the event in Wichita is coincidental, so we will not only be there for the duel, but also for a number of other events in the city.

Live wedding music keeps everyone on the dance floor until the last guest leaves the dance floor after the reception. Local bands will be rented, and the Howl of the Moon musicians will take guest requests, as they do at other events where necessary. Whether you are planning a wedding reception, wedding dance party or even a special event, we provide bespoke entertainment so your guests can dance and sing all night long.

How you take this opportunity can help determine how far you go in the music business. Simply make a booking request for the type of music, receive a price offer and you're done! We're doing a great job of booking live music artists this fall and beyond, but how do you book?

Read on to see our top annual events in Wichita Falls so you can plan your next trip to this fascinating Texas border town. Watch tomorrow's golf stars from across the country compete at three of our major golf courses in the annual Touring Golf Classic.

Experience the artistic side of Wichita Falls during the After-Hours Art Walk, held every first Thursday of the month in downtown Wichita. Enjoy live music while sipping specialty beers and tasting wines and be part of the brand team to experience this unique arena event.

As hordes shuffle through the streets and alleyways, join the hordes for live music, food, drinks and great views of the city.

Art studios, galleries, restaurants and shops are open until midnight, with the main events starting in the evening at Wichita Falls Farmers' Market. Enjoy a day in town during the Texas and Oklahoma Fair, the largest annual celebration of Texas fall festivals. Experience the cattle show, see exotic animals and stage shows, experience exciting games and rides, sample carnival food at the Texas and Oklahoma fairs, and visit the Wichita County Heritage Society for an evening of live music, food, and fun with local artists. Irish culture, celebrate the history and heritage of the city and its people, as well as the art and culture of our region.

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